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Place a numerical value on each line, closest to the phrase that best describes the realities or perceptions of your local church. Note: each of the 15 ‘health’ traits identified in the book “The Rubrics of a Healthy Church” has 3 corresponding questions listed below (i.e. Health Trait #1 is evaluated by questions 1a, 1b, and 1c below, … and so on).

To be clear, if a person believes the statement on the left side of the column most accurately describes their local church, they should place a numerical value of ‘1’ in the box. If the person believes their church is more accurately described by the statement on the right side of the page, they should place a number ‘6’ in the box (or any number in between 1 and 6). Do NOT place an ‘X’ in the box. We are looking for numerical values, not check marks, because the scores for each column will be tallied at the bottom of the survey. IF you do not know ‘how’ to grade your church on a specific line, grade the church as a ‘3’.

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