Global Responsibilities and Responsiveness

Strategy #4 Global Responsibilities and Responsiveness:


Global Responsibilities and Responsiveness means: ensuring The Wesleyan Church of Canada is on the forefront of global evangelism and church multiplying efforts, contributing timely and helpful emergency responses during times of natural disasters, and providing substantive support to ongoing international relief and development efforts.

The Wesleyan Church is committed to working first, best and most to serve the lost and hurting, and the International Wesleyan Church through ‘Global Partners’ and ‘World Hope Canada’. The Wesleyan Church of Canada also collaborates with other missionary and humanitarian organizations who are willing to serve in close partnerships with international Wesleyan churches/missions/humanitarian efforts (if they are locally/regionally present) in the majority-world setting. In addition to evangelism and church multiplying efforts, The Wesleyan Church is also firmly committed to the alleviation of poverty, hunger, and sickness in the developing world, which includes access to clean water, sanitation, literacy, medical care, and education/skill training (especially for women, children, and pastors).  Wesleyan’s proactively stand against such things as sex-trafficking, slavery/forced labour, child marriages and exploitation, terrorism, and expansionist aggression. We offer practical support for resettling refugees who are escaping persecution, famine/natural disasters, or warfare.