Leadership Development and Care

Strategy #2:  Leadership Development and Care


Our national office is committed to ensuring all pastors, specialized ministry leaders, and local lay leaders have the supports, education, and training they need to lead exceptionally well, and live healthy, God-honouring and productive lives. We believe in team-learning and team-ministry. We are passionate about the empowering and equipping of lay leaders, ensuring they serve in ministry roles (inside the church and in the community) which are consistent with their spiritual gifts and passions. We envision high-level, ongoing/accessible/affordable: continuing education opportunities, mentoring, peer support, sabbaticals, health/fitness plans, counseling, hands-on resources, and specialized training events/seminars. Pastors and their families need livable salaries, adequate housing, and benefit packages. We seek to intentional support pastoral families and those serving in ministry who are: single, women in ministry, missionaries, leaders of specialized ministries, retirees, and those experiencing challenging life circumstances (chronic illness, injury, etc.)