Ministry Health and Multiplication

Strategy #1 Ministry Health and Multiplication

Ministry Health and Multiplication means: ensuring every local church and specialized ministry (camping, immigrant, chaplaincy, school, etc.) is functioning in a transformative, God-usable, healthy, creative, culturally relevant, and growing manner.

The Wesleyan Church increasingly desires to see our local church and specialized ministries strengthened, diversified, and multiplied. We envision more vigorous church multiplication (at a rate of four percent or more per year), including intentionally broaden the ethnicity base of the church.  Of particular interest/focus is church multiplication ministries in Quebec, Newfoundland, Western Canada, urban centres, and in partnership with Indigenous/Inuit communities. The National church also seeks to expand our specialized ministries by promoting our camping/retreat ministries, enlarging our immigrant/refugee ministries, and expanding our compassion ministries, chaplaincy ministries, support groups, single parent ministries, counseling services, homeless/street ministries, deaf ministries, diaspora ministries, seniors’ ministries, abuse shelters, addiction services, prison ministries, orphanages/ adoption/ foster care, Christian schools, publishing, medical, family and social services, etc.