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Why Plant a Church With The Wesleyan Church of Canada?

Hi there! I’m Mark Parker, Director of Church Planting/Multiplication for The Wesleyan Church of Canada.  Are you considering church planting? Maybe as a Layperson or Pastor, you’re curious and seeking discernment.  You may have a clear call and specific vision to plant a church. Either way, we want to walk alongside you and help you take the next step as you plant the church God has called you to.   

The task of planting a successful church is not easy. When you plant with The Wesleyan Church of Canada (TWCC), you’ll be able to implement proven systems that will help increase the long-term success and health of your church plant so more people will have the opportunity to place their faith in Jesus. You’ll also receive: 

  • Practical training and resources to help you launch faster. 
  • Financial resources and church planting grants.
  • Tested strategies contextualized to your model and community.
  • Personalized training, coaching and leadership development.
  • Pastoral Benefit plans.       

More importantly, you’ll be part of a family with other experienced church planters and mentors to support you, enthusiastic partners who want to see you succeed. 

The Wesleyan Church of Canada is passionate about helping people meet, know and follow Jesus. Our vision is to see lives, churches, and communities transformed through the hope and holiness of Jesus Christ.  TWCC believes we need all kinds of churches to reach all kinds of people. These new churches are not only new places where people can worship, but they are new outposts designed to reach the lost and make disciples that make disciples.   For over 50 years we’ve helped church planters like you bring life change to communities in Canada and the state of Maine. We have a high success rate of planting healthy, life-giving churches. 

We are relationally devoted

Christian maturity is relationally driven. Yet many pastors are lonely and feel ill-equipped to lead in their local church. TWCC churches are not in competition but committed to collaboration. We believe we are better together than we could ever be apart. One of the greatest strengths is our devotion to one another. 

We are culturally diverse

People from all ethnicities and cultures are loved by God and are the focus of His redemptive plan. TWCC celebrates every opportunity to form friendships and ministries for sharing the gospel with Canada’s diverse and growing ethno-cultural populations.  We prayerfully consider how our relational, social and gospel strategies will enfold Christians from diverse backgrounds.

Your Pathway to planting

TWCC provides a clear pathway for you to plant a new church. 

Your first steps – let’s get to know each other 

  1. We want to walk alongside you throughout your church planting journey. Please connect with us by scrolling down to the bottom of this page and filling out the form. We would love to hear what God has been stirring in your heart and answer any questions you have.
  1. Check us out! Discover what The Wesleyan Church is all about and discern whether you have an affinity with TWC by clicking here.  If you have any church polity, theological, lifestyle, or practical questions, it’s best to get them answered early on in the planting process.
  1. Find out about your aptitude and readiness for starting a new church by taking our free initial assessment. Just click on the link below.   (When creating your account, be sure to select ‘yes, I was asked to complete a profile by a church planting agency’ and then choose The Wesleyan Church of Canada from the dropdown menu.)

Full Assessment 

After some conversations and dialog together, successful candidates will have the opportunity to attend our Church Planter Assessment Centre.   We believe fully assessing a church planter before they plant is one of the key factors to minimize the risk of planting a church. During our full assessment, trained assessors will help you discern your calling, your fit in ministry and your capacity to be the lead pastor on a planting team. 


Following your full assessment, we’ll collaborate with you and share our proven best practices and the multiple training options.  We’ll discuss compensation, funding and explain what church planting grants might be available.  We’ll teach you how to raise funds and recruit your launch team.  We can even help with the creative aspects of your church plant such as naming, branding, logo development and getting your website up and running. 


The support doesn’t end here. Now the real fun begins! When it’s time to launch, we are standing with you to support you and your team. Throughout your journey you’ll continue to receive coaching, training, church planting resources and the opportunity to connect with other leaders in TWCC. 

If you’re considering planting a church in any of the provinces of Canada or the state of Maine, USA, you’ve landed in the right place. To get started, please fill out the interest form. We look forward to hearing from you! 

-Enjoy the journey.

Interested in Church Planting?

All communication is kept confidential. We understand you may not want anyone from your current employment knowing you are exploring church planting.