Bible Reading Challenge

National Bible Reading and Journaling Challenge

The National Superintendent of The Wesleyan Church of Canada is challenging and encouraging every local church in our nation, to offer their congregation the opportunity to participate in a national Bible reading and Journaling challenge, beginning Monday, Jan. 6, and ending on Good Friday, Apr. 10, 2020. 

This initiative is promoted to continue the denomination’s strong emphasis on Christian discipleship.  Recent studies indicate an individual’s personal devotional life has the greatest impact on whether they are growing as a Christian in their faith, knowledge, and love for God and the lost.

The Bible reading/journaling challenge includes the following:

  • Selected, sequential readings from the New Testament over 70 days
  • The readings/journaling take place Monday through Friday, which allows some ‘catch-up’ time on the weekends for any days the person may miss reading/journaling during the weekdays.
  • The Journals consist of 4 short entries, using the acrostic S.O.A.P S = write out the favourite Scripture verse read that day.   O= a general observation about what the Bible verse means or implies.  A = an application of the Scripture passage to the individual’s life or situation.  P = a one or two sentence prayer for the day.
  • Journals may be purchased for approximately $10/ each
  • The Journals may have the logo of the local church on the front cover, or the logo of the National church… your choice
  • Local churches are encouraged to offer at least one weekly small group meeting, where members of the congregation meet to discuss what they have read and journaled during the previous week. Participants need only show up to the small group meeting each week with their Journals, and the leader facilitates a discussion about which Bible passages stood out to the individuals, and what observations and applications they had made concerning the Bible passages.


Next Steps:

  1. During the Fall of 2019, share the Bible reading/Journaling challenge with your local church leadership team
  2. Decide how many journals your local church may need
  3. Purchase the Journals directly from the publisher (see below)
  4. Find a small group leader for the January to April, small group meetings
  5. Beginning in late November or early December, begin to promote the challenge with your church family.
  6. The first and second Sundays in January make the Journals available to the congregation (either sell the Journals at cost, or give them away)
  7. Launch the first small group meeting the second week of January
  8. On Easter weekend, recognize and celebrate those who read and journaled at least 80% of the readings during the last 70 days.


To Participate:

Contact:   Tracy Murray at Advocate Printing:   857-8790 ext. 1204   [email protected]   Be sure to mention you are part of the Wesleyan church’s Journaling challenge, to get the price-break.

  • Tell Tracy how many Journals you need.  
  • Estimated cost of each Journal is approx. $10.00  (depending on the quantity you order).
  • Send Tracy a copy of your local church logo for the front cover OR just use the National logo (your choice)
  • Specific which colour you want for the front/back covers of the Journals:  light yellow,  light green, OR  light grey.
  • Delivery is usually within 10 business days (depending on how busy the printing company is)