Interdenominational Cooperation

Strategy #3 Interdenominational Cooperation

Our national office is committed to working in close and intentional partnerships with such organizations as: Evangelical Fellowship of Canada,  World Hope International, Global Partners, Compassion Canada, Samaritan’s Purse, Campus Crusade for Christ, Youth for Christ, Church Planting Canada, etc., and our sister denominations (Free Methodist, Church of the Nazarene, Be in Christ, Vineyard, Pentecostal Assemblies, Salvation Army, Evangelical Missionary, Missionary and Alliance Church, etc.). We want to find ways to alleviate poverty and injustices, and serve the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of people of Canada. Collectively we also want to coordinate outreach/evangelism and church planting efforts to under-reached people groups. We desire to present a unified voice in public policies and social issues, such as: racial reconciliation, public health issues, wage inequality, gang violence, illicit drug use, hate and violent crimes, prison reform, child labour, domestic violence, pornography, addictions, government corruption, anti-Semitism, etc.